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  • Why Mountains?

    Confronting challenges and assessing the environment from three perspectives


    The Ecological


    Mountains are biodiversity hotspots, providing vital ecosystem services. Globally, the majority of crops and medicinal plants are derived from native mountain species.

    The Socioeconomic


    Mountain peoples are the custodians of traditional ecological knowledge. These diverse knowledge systems are intimately linked to the unique cultural practices and belief systems found in mountain regions across the globe.

    The Biophysical


    The dramatic forces of environmental change have shaped the mountain landscapes we know today. Mountains continue to be on the vanguard of global change, and are the key to resolving many of the issues facing the planet today.

  • Our Vision

    Prosperous and Sustainable Mountainscapes

  • Our Mission

    To develop innovative strategies that will guarantee a sustainable future for mountains and their communities.

  • Our Value


    Combining science and technology with indigenous knowledge


    Optimizing the natural resources of mountains


    Advocating for more prosperous living conditions

  • Our primary focus:

    Through technological innovation, training programs, and social services we seek to repair humanity’s relationship to the environment and to itself. Through this transformation we can enter into a new epoch: Third Nature.

    Cultural Heritage

    Working toward a common vision in a fractured world

    Ecological Health

    Guaranteeing food safety by adopting strategies that are not only economically feasible but also accepted within society.

    Smart Farming

    Merging traditional knowledge with new technologies to foster sustainable and intelligent farming practices that improve farmers’ livelihoods.

    Climate Change

    Develop innovative systems to identify and adapt to climate change patterns within mountain ecosystems.

  • Our Impact


    Innovative Leadership

    Specialty Products

    Consultancy Services

    Quality Standards

  • Milestone

    Launched the “Seeds of Change” Initiative

    The first Mountain Futures Conference is held in Kunming

    Delegates from 35 countries joined in launching the Mountain Futures Global Initiative

    Mountain Futures Initiative integrated into the Chinese National Committee for Future Earth Global Program

    • “Mountain Futures Soil Systems” work unit established under the auspices of the Future Earth Global Program

    Construction of the Mountain Futures Centre in Honghe

    • 200 hectares of land have been donated by the Honghe County government for use in the Mountain Futures Initiative
    • The land will be used to conduct experiments and large scale demonstrations of montane responses to global challenges

    Second annual Mountain Futures Conference

    • Delegates from across the globe toured the Honghe site and attended a conference in Kunming

    Honghe County Mountain Futures Innovation Platform Start

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    Company Address:

    First Floor of Lianhuadao County Stadium, Gusa Town, Honghe County, Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province

    Mountain Futures Research Center:

    No. 132 Lanhei Road, Kunming, Kunming Institute of Botany,

    Chinese Academy of Sciences